Captain Miller Dhanush’s new Avatar

Captain Miller Dhanush’s new Avatar

Captain Miller
Captain Miller


 Captain Miller Release Date

Coming soon / 2023

Director - Arun Matheswaran


Genre – Action Adventure, Thriller

Cast – Dhanush, Priyanka Arul Mohan

Tamil film superstar and different level artist Dhanush’s new film is coming. The name of the film will be Captain Miller. This film will be Dhanush’s most expensive film till date. Captain Miller is said to be an action-adventure film set in the 1930s and beyond, in which Dhanush plays a gangster.Now Dhanush Vathi is shooting for the film, after shooting it, Dhanush will start shooting for Captain Miller. Captain Miller is being made on a pan India level, the film is being made in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi languages. The release date of the film has not been disclosed yet.

The makers have already planned 3 parts to complete the story of this film. In the poster of the film, Dhanush is wearing a cloth mask over his face and a gun is hanging over his shoulder, his look is quite new and unique.This is a base movie based on the life of Captain Miller, which will tell the story of Pre-Independence.In this movie there are going to be fight and war scenes with the English.

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