Elon Musk has suffered a double blow :Twitter takes ‘revenge’ & SpaceX project also suffered

Elon Musk : Elon Musk has suffered a double blow.

Musk’s SpaceX project is expected to suffer. Simultaneously, Twitter has documented a slew of evidence against Elon Musk.

Twitter sues Elon Musk over $44 billion contract breach

Elon Musk has been given a second push by Twitter. Twitter has accused Musk of breach of promise. Musk has canceled a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter.

Following Elon Musk’s decision, Twitter announced that it would sue Tesla’s CEO. Twitter chairman Brett Taylor said in a tweet that the board is committed to closing deals on prices and terms agreed with Musk and plans to take legal action to enforce the merger agreement.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX project

Elon Musk News: Elon Musk , the world’s most richest man, has experienced a twofold blow. There has been data about harm to Musk’s SpaceX project. The supporter rocket detonated during testing in Texas. Be that as it may, there is no data about any loss in this impact. This rocket was to be utilized for the mission to be held not long from now. The blast of the rocket is a major misfortune for Elon Musk, since it has been his fantasy project. Elon Musk tweeted on this episode. He composed that not exactly great. The group is surveying the harm.


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