Microsoft Co-founder,Bill Gates Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Microsoft Co-founder,Bill Gates Tests Positive for Coronavirus

The corona virus has created an uproar all over the world.Now the Co-founder of Microsoft,Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world has COVID Reports ate positive.Bill Gates himself has given this information by tweeting.

He wrote in his tweet that my Covid-19 test has come positive, now I am feeling the normal symptoms of Covid-19
Bill Gates tweeted that after being corona positive, he has isolated himself, and he is following the advice of doctors, and he will remain in isolation till he becomes healthy.

In another tweet, Bill Gates said that I am lucky that I had got the corona vaccine, and also took its boosted dose.
We have good facilities for testing and medical help.

Apart from this, Bill Gates made another tweet in which he wrote that the Gates Foundation teams are gathering together for the first time after 2 years, and I am lucky that I will get a chance to see everyone and thank them for their hard work.

Bill Gates has been very active during the Corona period, he has been openly giving important information about the prevention of corona, Bill Gates has also made a statement about reaching the corona vaccine in poor countries, Gates Foundation said in October that medicine. The company will spend $ 12 million to reach the generic claims of Marg’s antivirus Covid-19 pill to poor countries.

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