The most expensive element in the world !

world’s most expensive element !

The most expensive element in the world to be found on earth.


The world’s most expensive element is not actually gold, and not is it platinum.

Rather the name of this element is francium, its atomic number is 87. And its price per gram is 1 billion dollars, i.e. about 78122985891.77 crore for 1 gram in Indian currency.

most expensive thing in the world
most expensive thing in the world : Francium

The half life of this element is only 22 minutes, i.e. it takes only 22 minutes for half of its atoms to be disintegrate.

Although it is found on Earth, it decomposes so quickly that it is almost impossible to collect it, naturally only 24.5 grams of francium is available on the entire crust of the Earth, This is why it is artificially created and it is very very expensive.

What is the most expensive piece of jewelry you have ever seen, no matter how much it weighs more than a gram, and no matter how expensive it is, it does not come close to the price of other elements on earth.

Let’s talk about the most expensive components on the planet, if you want to buy a gram of franchise, you have to pay at least 1 billion, even if you have that kind of cash. You probably won’t be able to get your hands on this material in fact one gram of francium has never been seen because the half-life of this ingredient is about 22 minutes, meaning any visible amount of the ingredient will evaporate immediately.

But it is assumed that francium will appear as a highly reactive metal. This is the largest cluster of more than 300,000 atoms created in a laboratory.

francium uses

No one would be willing to pay billions of dollars for something that would disappear in a matter of minutes and be of no practical use.


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