A massive 23-ton Chinese rocket fell uncontrollably into space over the Indian and Pacific Oceans at 12:45 pm on Saturday.

American and Chinese officials gave this information.

US space agency NASA manager Bill Nelson has criticized China for not sharing the information.

This Chinese rocket can prove to be a big threat. 

As soon as the debris of the rocket was seen falling, people made a video of it and shared it.

Many users called it meteorite rain. 

In May last year too, a Chinese rocket went out of control, which fell into the sea near the Maldives border in the Indian Ocean.

The Chinese government had said that no one would be in danger if the rocket returned to Earth.

Satellites and rockets launched from Earth go into space after a time and become debris.

This debris is not only lethal to active satellites and space missions, but can also prove to be dangerous for Earthlings.