Despite India's opposition, China's spy ship reached Sri Lanka, can Yuan Wang 5 ship become a threat to India?


China's spy ship is moving towards Sri Lanka, on August 11 this ship will reach Hambantota port of Sri Lanka.

India had strongly opposed this, but despite this, Srilanka has allowed this ship to come to Hambantota Port.

Tension remains on the LOC between India and China, meanwhile this Yuan Wang 5 ship of China can become a threat to India.

From this spy ship, China receives information from other countries through satellite tracking and sends it to China's Land Best Tracking Stations.

Through this ship, China can also detect intercontinental ballistic missiles. Which can become a threat to India.

According to reports, it has been learned that through this ship, China can also listen to conversations at a distance of 5750 km.

For this reason, due to the arrival of China's Yuan Wang 5 ship to Sri Lanka, this ship can become a threat to India. Important information of India can be obtained from this ship.

According to the information, Sri Lanka gave this Hambantota port to China in 2017 for non-payment of loan for 99 years.

China is calling it marine scientific research.

India's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that we are on alert mode in view of security and economic interest. And India will take every necessary step in terms of security.