What are the Quordle solutions for today's game, Quordle #239?


Overall, the daily Quordle solutions for game #239 are not too bad.

My strategy starts by playing three predetermined words in attempt to affirm or eliminate as many common letters as I can.

These three words—ORATE, DINGY, and CLUBS—are currently producing for me respectable outcomes.

That was somewhat the situation today; for each of the four puzzles, I had four letters in either yellow or green.

However, I didn't have many greens, so I began with the two at the top left, which were the ones I had the most of.

This had a yellow L and O at the end and concluded TY. I played LOFTY and correctly answered it after remembering a recent Wordle answer.

I now had all five letters for the top right: F, I, N, G, and E, with the green G in the fourth spot. This was made possible by the F in LOFTY. The only term I could come up with that fit was FEIGN.

BERTH was the solution at this point. I now had two greens in the bottom right: -E-T-, with yellow B and R.

The H in BERTH had finally given me the fifth letter there at the bottom left.

With only two guesses left, I solved today's Quordle by choosing CHEST as the solution.

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