Stephen Curry imparts important guidance for shooting to kids at his camp

Curry Camp 2022 returned following a 2-year break because of COVID-19 and it is being held at the San Franciso Olympic Club this week.

26 world class secondary school competitors, his camp was interestingly equally parted among young men and young ladies.

will take part, and Curry as of late discussed coaching secondary school female competitors in a meeting.

Those in participation positively received whatever would be most reasonable as Steph shared a few pearls of shrewdness while off the spill.

It's an encounter that could only be described as epic for those adolescents, having Curry actually tell you the best way to make it happen.

Since not even one of them have a very remarkable opportunity to match Steph as a shooter, learning the right methodology could be important as they desire to one day arrive at the expert level.

Additionally in camp to help, Davidson had Bob McKillop as well as Kent Bazemore and his fitness coach at Curry, Brandon Penn.

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