Kobe Bryant's widow, Vanessa, confirms early crash photos: 'I can't get away from what I feel'

Vanessa Bryant burst into the testimony box in government court on Friday and cried,

She wiped her eyes as she portrayed her reaction to a disturbing revelation in February 2020 and grappled with several announcements.

She remembers that this is typical. She was in a game room sitting in front of the TV with her loved ones when another partner called her to share the news:

Gruesome photos of her dead daughter and husband, NBA legend, Kobe, were apparently taken and shared after her husband died in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020.

Two days after the accident, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's representative student showed a barkeeper at a Mexican eatery the gruesome crash scene photos.

"I ran out of the house, and I ran to the side of the house so my young girls couldn't see me," Bryant confirmed.

"Also, I fell apart and cried and realized I needed to run.

It was Day 8 of Bryant's affable preliminary against Los Angeles County, apparently the biggest day of the preliminary up to this point.

 As it was prime day, a jury of five men and four women heard from Bryant and the area's sheriff, Alex Villanueva.

Bryant files suit after claiming district sheriff and local group of firefighters

That their own telephones are used to take and share pointless photographs of human remnants from the crash site, although there is no great explanation for doing so.

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