Nancy Pelosi will go to Taiwan after China's warning?

Asia tour begins with Pelosi performing in Singapore.

Aug 1 (AP) Speaker of the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US parliament, Nancy Pelosi arrived in Singapore early Monday.

With this, her Asia tour has started.

During his visit, the media has been kept away from his programs due to tight security arrangements.

I Pelosi said she would likewise visit Malaysia, South Korea and Japan to investigate the exchange, the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental change, security and "vote-based governance".

However, he did not confirm the news that he may go to Taiwan.

Significantly, China claims its own on this.

Chinese President Xi Jinping in a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Joe Biden last week warned against interfering in Taiwan's affairs.

China feels that official US contact with Taiwan provokes it (Taiwan) against its decades-old policy.

Under which he considers it to be a 'real, free and permanent territory'. However, US leaders say they do not support China's idea.

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If Pelosi visits Taiwan, she will be the first elected American official in the highest office to visit Taiwan since Newt Gingrich, the then Speaker of the House of Representatives, in 1997.