Top 10 World Best Web Series

Top 10 World Best Web Series 
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Upcoming web series


So friends, in today’s post, we have brought the world’s best top 10 web series, if you have not seen a single series of this list, then do not miss it. Because all the series in this list are of top level.


No. 10 Unbelievable

The impact of this series will be so much on your mind that it will feel as if a crime has really happened to you. You too will remain in confusion, completely you will also be hanged. Crime drama Unbelievable with masterpiece, not just series from Netflix of 2019. Such a predator who rapes the victim leaves such a deep impact on her mind that sometimes you feel that you have been raped and sometimes you do not. And what happens after all, you find out by watching the series.


No. 9 The 100

In this web series it has been shown that the earth has been completely destroyed. After 97 years, 100 people are sent to the earth to find out whether earth and life is possible or not. This is where the story begins. The 100 with Total 7 Seasons sci-fi drama from 2014


No. 8 The Terror

Watch the series of no 9 with a little care. This series slowly scares you by playing with your mind. Total 2nd season of 2018 with Adventure, Horror, Drama The Terror. Just as the name of the series is, the series as a whole is also the same. Journey to find a new path which never came back. After all, what happened to him, will it be shown in this series? You have rarely seen such dangerous scenes before. This web series is not at all for the weak hearted.


No. 7 Mindhunter

No 5 Series This series will take you inside the mind of a serial killer. How do serial killers think? Had this series not been a bit slow, it would have been on top. Mindhunter with the 2017 drama, Thriller from Netflix. In this series, you will get to see what is going on in the mind of the serial killer, who thinks that.


No. 6 Altered Carbon

This series is the best in the futuristic world 300 years from now. Where such a technology has been prepared where a person never dies, how will you know this only after watching the series. This series will take you to a different world. The concept of this series is so different that after watching the first episode, you will not be able to stop yourself to watch the second episode. The best thing about this is its sci-fi and futuristic world. If you haven’t seen this series then don’t miss it. This is a very good web series for sci-fi people.

No. 5 Sacred Games

The acting of every single actor in this series is amazing. Experience this masterpiece Indian web series and see what the Indian colony content is called, it will tell you very well.


No. 4  The Shannara Chronicles

The series of no 2 affects our mind in such a way that it seems that watching all the episodes in one go. This web series will take you to a different fantasy world. With the 2016 adventure drama The Shannara Chronicles. Story of the series This world is saved, till then even a single leaf of this magical tree is saved from falling, otherwise the whole world will go into darkness.


No. 3 The Wheel of Time

The series of no 3 is such that whenever it comes to the adventure fantasy world, this series will be on top. We are talking about The Wheel of Time of 2021. This series is available on Amazon Prime.


No.2  Dexter: New Blood 

No The series of 2 showed what is called the highest level of crime. No matter how many bad things you do, if you are doing it right for the right things, people will consider you a hero. Dexter: New Blood with the 2021 drama


No.1 My Love from the Star

There is a Korean series at No. 1 Yes Guys, we are talking about Korea’s epic romantic drama My Love from the Star. The story between a human and an alien living between the earth for centuries. Romance, drama lovers don’t miss this series at all.

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