Virat Kohli covid-19 Positive: Tension of Team India increased!

Virat Kohli covid-19 Positive Report:

Ahead of the England Test, news has come to light which has raised concerns among Indian fans. After India’s spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, now India’s main batsman Virat Kohli covid-19 Positive Report .

India vs England : (IND vs ENG) Test series is once again under threat of Corona (Virat Kohli Covid Positive). Last year the 5th Test was postponed due to Corona. There has already been a case of Corona in the England camp. The team’s batting coach Marcus Trescothie has been found to be Corona positive. Apart from this, India’s off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was also found to be Corona positive, due to which he could not leave for England. According to a report , the corona report came positive before former Indian captain Virat Kohli reached England.

Virat Kohli covid-19 Positive
Virat Kohli covid-19 Positive

After returning from the Maldives, Kohli fell into the clutches of Corona.

According to an English source, “Virat Kohli contracted the corona on his return from Maldives. It was confirmed after he left for London. But now he has recovered from the corona and is fully ready to play.”

Indian team’s legendary spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was also hit by Corona.In fact, Ashwin was found corona positive only on June 16, when some players of Team India were about to leave Mumbai for England. Because of this, he did not go to London with the rest of the players. However, he is fine now and is expected to reach Leicester before the practice match.

Virat Kohli resigns as Test captain after Test series against South Africa This is Virat’s first Test on foreign soil since then. There will be no pressure of captaincy on Virat Kohli. But he will definitely be under pressure to do well as a batsman.


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